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The company GALLETTO RADIATORI, craftsman acting since 1980 in the heat exchange for a variety of usage, has reached its maximum expression with the design and production activity of H2O PERFORMANCE products, radiators with high performances for the racing sector in general, but specially in the motor bike’s racing and go-karting.

The material we use are carefully selected taking under account the racing motorbike model our product will be installed on, calculating the correct balance of air/water exchange based on thickness and diameter of pipes. We want to reach the maximum performance in exchange and weight using a refined “from the past” craftsman technology. All our product are designed using SolidAge CAD software, making the communication with our customer very simple and reliable because they can see the product before we start production.

We export our products in USA, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe, but Italy is our most important reference for the motorbike racing world. We are official supplier and technical partners on MotoGP, SuperBike and Motocross.

Our experience will guarantee customers with high quality products to satisfy any technical requirement. We are quality certified ISO9001
by IEC quality certification organisation.